From the last month or so.

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Random moments here and there from the last couple months. As of late I have been traveling a lot. From SF to Chicago, back to New York and currently at home in Omaha. After these seem to be endless flights, I soon realize home is not much about the places, but more about the people who you feel comfortable, open and happy being around.

I am thankful that I have some of these people in my life.


Truly See and Be Seen.

Last week my friend Tony came from LA to visit me in Brooklyn. We had a couple days of binge eating/drinking and just catching up/taking about life. Sometimes, no actually it is true all the time, it is a rare thing to have someone around who you feel truly comfortable being around.

We spent an afternoon in my favorite coffee shop, Brooklyn Roasting Company, to do some works. The shop was playing the entire album I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty and I instantly got hooked. Not only because he sounds awfully like Fleet Foxes ( which Josh was actually the former drummer for), but it was the perfect rainy day coffeeshop soundtrack. Beside the first track (Chateau Lobby #4), this song here is probably my favorite. I haven't heard such a beautiful and emotionally-filled love song for a while and I can't not share this.


Catskill Comfort.

It has been quite a while since I was so excited to share a blog post with you all. Me and JS just came back from a spontaneous trip upstate to Phoenicia, NY. I have been wanting to go since forever, and JS (being a gentleman that he is) was nice enough to accompany me.

It was a short and beautiful ride from the city to Phoenicia. Tips: when you take the Trailways Bus there, do me and favor and get yourself some pies at the Dietz Stadium Diner in Kingston. We got the most yummy and generous portion of blueberry pie a la mode there during our quick stop ( it was so good that we stopped by on the way back, and we got our own pie instead of sharing this time).

I found Glass Mountain Inn during my late night research and we decided to rent out their Marvar Suite. As soon as we got there, there is no word to describe how happy I was with the place. The suite was a short walk from the cute Main street of Phoenicia. The deco, the warm feeling of the suite, the mountain backdrop... It was just love at first sight. Me and JS spent out days exploring around town, playing badminton in the backyard, hiking and getting lost at Tanbark trail, late night drinking wine and BBQ on the porch, sipping tea under the most gorgeous outdoor chandelier. Jeff and Brooke, the owner of the Inn, were super friendly and they made our short stay there so pleasant. I highly, highly recommended their place if you ever want to take a short trip out of the city. Brooke actually drove me and JS to Kaaterskill Falls (beautiful waterfall hike), and dropped us off at Phoenicia Diner (a must!) on the way back. Me and JS stuffed ourselves at the diner, which resulted in a food coma immediately after ( it was that good!)
Our first stop right after the bus dropped us off in Phoenicia was Mama's boy to get coffee and later apple pie. 

The little market on Main Str where we got some veggies to make dinner
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the beautiful Marvar Suite


We spent a lot of time hanging out on the hammock 


Post hike grub (So So good)
Kaaterskill Falls (very short and beautiful hike)
It was such a blessing to have a chance to get away from NYC for just a bit. The trip was short, sweet and much needed for my heart.

Until next time!


I am still here.

I did not realize until very lately that I still have a blog to run, and that I did not blog this whole summer! Are you still here my readers? I sincerely apologize for my lateness. I am still here ( in NYC) and very much alive. Much has been happening over the summer and I just did not do a very good job of documenting everything.

So here is a short summary of the last 3 months:
- Turned 23 and celebrated it quietly with my best friends.
- Did a long road trip: NYC-Chicago-Omaha-Sioux Falls-Chicago-New York.
- Moved to another apartment and oh it is wonderful! (maybe some pictures coming soon!)
- Working hard at the farmer's market and started my 2nd year of graduate school.

 Things that I am looking forward to:
- Fall weather, pumpkin, squash, warm candles, layerings and a lot of baking.
- Short trip to Phoenicia.
 - Lots of friends coming to Brooklyn to visit, lots of traveling for me.
- Stability.

 Here is a classic song that is purely a feel good tune and unrelated to spice up this blog again.


What a ride it has been...

It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. The last month was, again, quite an emotional ride for me. My first year in New York has taught me a lot of things. The things that are okay to do, and not okay to do. It is not okay to put your whole heart into someone's hand, because it seems like as soon as you do that, something will go terribly wrong. It is not okay to cross the line, even though you know it will make you, well at least, happier than you are right now. It is okay to cry in public (on the trains), because we all have our bad days. It is also okay to be alone (by-yourself-for-more-than-24-hours), because all the voices in your head are so much clearer that way.

I found myself keep going back to this song the last 3-4 months. Like last night when I was taking the train at midnight all the way from Queens, to Manhattan, back to Brooklyn, the only thing to calm down all the overwhelming emotions, tears and confusion, is this song. Can't say I relate to Mayer entirely, but what I felt from listening to this is just right.

Here is for a glorious summer, NYC.


David came to visit.

A couple weeks ago, my good friend David took a spontaneous trip all the way from San Francisco to visit me here in New York. David and I met in SF in early 2012, and the last time we hung out was when I spent a summer in SF in 2013. Since then we tried to connect on and off via Facetime and text messages, but it was hard for us to be in touch frequently. When Dave got here, we instantly and naturally reconnected. Things have changed a lot in our lives; we graduated from college, David found a job, quit a job and started another job, I moved and started grad school in the city, we both fell in love and fell out of love. But it seems like our friendship did not change, which I am grateful for.
I asked David if I could share some of the pictures that he took during his trip. He is an awesome photographer and you should totally check him out.

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