Yes I know I put up a lot of Ben Howard onto my blog, but it is like a staple in your pantry and you always find yourself coming back to it.
So in the celebration of Ben coming to New York for a show tonight and unfortunately I can't afford to go see him, here is him making a silly song sound amazing.


Upon back to the East Coast.

Back to the East Coast has been a mix of blurry emotions. Happiness of reunion with friends that are so dear to me, deep and whole hearted conversation with people I trust, excitement of meeting new faces. But at the same time, the background of it all is the stillness and unchangeable reality of life passing in Brooklyn, when I woke up wondering what happened, what is happening, and what is gonna happen, and then realizing that whatever happens, the end will be just me, myself and I.

Sometimes things should be written down so I could never forget, so I guess this should be written down:
 How one night I could feel so full and right, walking along side someone in the cold night of downtown Manhattan, knowing that this was exactly what I wanted and why I am here. How just a couple nights after I could feel my tears falling and hiding, walking alongside with the exact same someone, wondering if this was what I wanted and why I am here.

I am not sure what life will bring in the next couple days, weeks or months, but I have to fight through and hope for the best for whatever is coming.


Care Package from England

My brother Jeff and his wife Amy just came back from their winter trip to Korea, and they were too kind to send a care package all the way from England to Brooklyn for me. I was a happy bear when I open the box and found a bunch of cute Korean cosmetics, green tea latte (which I have been craving) and most importantly cute socks.



A look back at 2014.

As I was scrolling through my iPhotos to collect moments for this blog, I couldn't find a word to describe 2014 for me. A lot of things happened: from getting my college degree, taking a summer off to travel, moving to New York. A year of adventures, of high mountains, long hours on the road, the newness of the city. But I cannot forget it was definitely a year of great challenges, sometimes great doubts. A year of uncertainties, and seeing the uncertainties being revealed. A year of heavy feeling, sometimes tears, asking God why it had to happen the way it did.
At the end of it, I found myself longing for a new year as a good landmark to start new and start fresh. But at this point, half way through January, I realized that the heavy feeling from 2014 is still in my carryon. Same problem got its way through and follows me. 
I guess all I can do is a change is perspective, to look at everything more positively, and hold on tight for a new ride.

Saying goodbyes for Nebraska where these faces I love belong.

Taking a trip to DC/NYC over Spring break. 

Summer adventures with Faith was probably the highlight of the year. Long drives listening to Ebooks, exploring new places and exchanging stories. 
Finally reunited with my best friend. 
Saying goodbyes to these people was probably one of the hardest things this year. 
And I would probably never forget the first month moving to New York where everything was so new and exciting.
 Things were unsettling and chaotic at times, but there were shorts moments stayed in my heart as absolutely peaceful and quite pure happiness. 
And I guess this was the last picture of me before everything started to get crazy till the rest of the year.
Seeing my good friend marrying the love of her life. 
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The thing I was most thankful about 2014 was to be alive and to have meaningful friendship and relationship which I would cherish from this point forward.
Happy Belated New Year to you. Live on and live full.