I forget where we were.

Wow. Took my over a month to put up a blog post, I am so sorry. I am the worst blogger ever, literally.
The past one month in New York has been hands down one of the most challenging time I have ever experienced. I don't think that was an over statement, since I do have pretty high tolerance with things in general. There were things that happened very unexpectedly, and even when I think about it now, it still all seems very surreal. On top of that, school work has been super busy. Life from the last blog post until now is all like a blur to me.
But in the midst of everything, I am thankful for whatever is going on with my life in Brooklyn. It could be exhausting at times ( like as I was typing this, I could barely sit up). But there were definitely moments of joy, happiness... and it is good to at least be feeling, and having some kinds of emotion - something I know I did numb myself to back when I was in the Neb.

I will try to put up a blog post... hopefully within a week to sneak peak you into my life, but in the mean time, I thought I would share what I have been listening to lately.

Personally I thought Ben Howard couldn't choose a better time to come back, you know in the Fall when everything is beautiful, just like every single song in this new album. I missed him coming to Williamsburg, but hopefully I will get to see him in January.


MIA again!?

I know I know I have been missing! Sometimes I have to remind myself: " Prudence you are living in New York, you are living in Brooklyn! Go out and do something fun!". But honestly I have been home a lot, either bum around or study, nothing exciting in particular. Follow me on Instagram @prudencenicole maybe? I update it almost daily, so maybe you see me more around then?

Any who, today as I wandered around this cool shop in Park Slope, this song was played in the store and I just can't help but asking the people who work there what song this was. Apparently it was on a playlist of best Fall 2014 songs something on some websites? Anyone, anyone know where I could find this playlist? If yes please please please let me know, because I spend extra time in that store just to listen to the whole playlist and forgot to ask where it was from.
here are some rare pictures of me hanging around Park Slope today:

 photo 340E4A40-DAF7-48BE-B424-77DE83D875EB.jpg photo 98F0F9F8-EA9E-4D78-B304-4D6D90B79F8F.jpg photo 47E5CB9F-DBC5-42B1-8F50-D5D271E85D48.jpg photo D5E6C403-18AF-44F5-A8D7-E33A5CE59CB2.jpg


Settling in Brooklyn.

Sorry  for the extended MIA. Life the last couple weeks has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I finally get to say at this point in time I am pretty much settled in my new home in Brooklyn. Looking back the past 3 weeks, there were hard moments of frustration, impatience, and even physically breaking down to tears. But the other moments of joy, laughter, celebration and thankfulness seem to overcome and hide away all those lower keys.

Friends who know me well probably say that I am prone to moving from places to places. In the last 7 years in my life, I lost count how many times I had to hop on the planes to travel back and forth. But the other day as Phil was driving me home from Queens, we passed by LaGuardia. Looking at the planes up in the air, I realized that I finally somewhat have a place to settle now, that I don't have to be traveling anymore. Just that thought of enjoying a simple, non-static life drove me surprisingly to unexplainable Joy.

Moving to New York City from the Midwest is quite a stretch. It's different for sure, but I love a good change and so far these are the things that I enjoy:
- Sitting on the train to people watch - there were moments in the first couple days that I couldn't help but saying "People here are so beautiful".
- Flea markets during the weekends. I have been spending every single weekend to browse around Brooklyn Flea. From here that I have found my new dining table, some stuff for the home and more. ( I still have the whole living room to furnish - hopefully there will be a home tour in the near future)
- Good food. I didn't realize how much I enjoy different cuisine ( instead of just my good olll steak and potatoes) until I moved here. Phil has taken my to various good Korean places ( I call it #perksofdatingakorean), Ralph's Famous Italian Ice is my new ice cream go to place, Pop Bar in West Village is nothing I like I have ever tasted, and ohhh Chinatown - I never fail to eat well whenever I am here (check out Golden Unicon and Chinatown Icecream Fac- I know all the tourists can hear me on this). Also there is this tiny bakery right at the exit of the 7 train in Flushing - Main street that has the best egg tarts - THE BEST that I have to go here whenever I am around the area.
- My favorite place that Phil has taken me so far  is Brooklyn Bridge Park - beautiful view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. Come here around late afternoon on Sunday to enjoy Smorgasburg, distant view of the Statue of Liberty and good sunset next to the city skyline.
Just to name a few.

 photo E9CE718E-5D50-41AA-AE4E-20166351ED73.jpg
Park Slope
 photo 8A943B5E-47C1-4DD8-BFC7-6278986EDCD6.jpg
Brooklyn Flea

 photo 094AB726-5DCC-44D0-80E9-7E2799F057A6.jpg photo C8F10A6D-7AB4-4C97-98A7-6AE6E8CD8DA1.jpg photo C0A82067-F8C1-4EE7-AEAC-B0FBA76EB92C.jpg
 photo 35E83114-1D5B-4AD5-80A7-B39BD551FED6.jpg
Brooklyn Bridge Park
 photo EB55B845-47FE-4A5E-A445-F571303BD4A7.jpg photo C7181603-3339-4DE3-997B-2B5E7C4BAA1E.jpg photo D77001F3-9C8E-4EAB-8700-75B56E8FF84D.jpg
 photo 8F7C6761-2EB1-4120-A285-455FAC6CEF5A.jpg photo 955D3E5C-5E78-444D-9B0D-F545B4571239.jpg
 photo 3B3FFF44-51EF-45C3-A113-CCAA3A5F7AB7.jpg
These boys from SoCal came to visit the city the other day.
 photo 6D211569-1E2E-4795-8612-8BBF36ADA8B7.jpg
Chinatown Ice Cream factory.
 photo A55576D7-F4FF-477C-8F05-C58C0E05EF67.jpg
Coney Island - Don't get the hot dog here.
 photo BEB792F9-F209-4B68-B1F4-E31FCC6E0BA0.jpg

 photo 90FD26AC-E4DB-4C83-B82A-0E5ED407B6E9.jpg
Did anyone recognize this view from movies ? All I could think about was JT and Mila Kunis when I was here the other day.
 photo EA4C3C73-0075-4853-8E25-5D0EAB3A48D1.jpg photo 24FF88BE-2740-4F96-935A-3FDBAED4C830.jpg photo A85CB1E9-96C8-4F3C-8B72-16FFAB47682B.jpg

 photo DFB877DC-0DA2-4B2A-8D1F-9E2AAB22C623.jpg
Take the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan just for the fun of it. Plus it's free!

I will try to blog more consistently. Quite honestly as exciting as New York is, life has been pretty slow for me these days. But maybe reminding myself that I have a blog to run will make me to get out of my comfort zone ( aka my bed) to explore more.
In the mean time, I hope your week and the last couple days of August is going well. If you are in the city, please hit me up! I would love/ need to make some new friends and hang :)


Upon Moving East.

Just a little around a week left before I pack my bags and move East to New York City. I remember having this dream in high school to move to the Big Apple for college for some reason, but life just kind of happened and changed my mind last minute to stay in the Neb.
Did I regret not moving to New York 4 years ago? Honestly, not really. Back then I was very young, immature and somewhat lost trying to find who I was. I have always been a city girl, and I thought what is a better city for me to move to other than NYC? Not saying that I am not young, immature and lost right now, but I know without being in the Neb for the past 4-5 years, I could not be who I am today.
Looking back, life in the Neb the past 4 years were full of ups and downs. I made the greatest friends who help me to learn more about myself and grow, a lot. Those people - I hope they will stick around for the rest of my life, wherever they may be. I had probably the best time of my life traveling with my best friends, who I could genuinely be real with. Also in the Neb, I had the darkest time of my life so far- when I felt so ready to give up on everything and run away. But with where I am at right now, I know those moments were bound to happen for a reason.
And I can't forget to mention, 5 years in the Neb helped to find Jesus, which then changed my life forever. I could not think how it would happen any other way.
 photo IMG_1928.jpg
Moving to a new place is exciting, yet scary. Moving to New York City seems like a whole other level. But I know I am so ready to move on to another chapter of my life. I also know that in the midst of that exciting and scary change in my life, I will find those moments where I miss Nebraska. The people, friends, families, quiet moments, long conversations, beautiful sunsets, backyard BBQ,... All of those beautiful things that I was blessed to call Home.


Music Monday: Bird Courage.

There has been construction going on over my head the last 2 days or so ( thanks to my great neighbor). I find myself trying to escape from all the loud ( very LOUD) noises by putting on some calming tunes like this.
Apartment hunt for the season. Finding an apartment virtually is probably the most ridiculous and yet nerve wrecking things I could ever do.
20 days till I call Brooklyn home now.


Travel Journal: Saigon.

My next destination for my travel journal this summer is Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I haven't visited the place for quite a long time so it was super exciting to be here again. The trip was composed mostly of time browsing in different shops looking for good clothing deals ( indeed they have great deals), exploring cool coffee shops and enjoying great foods.
Some tips if you ever come around Ho Chi Minh City:
- Saigon Square in District 1 is my absolute favorite place to shop when I am in town. They have pretty much everything you look for and it is hard to not feel lost navigating yourself through the place. You have to bargain for everything though, and the shop owners tend to rib you off if you are a foreigner, but if you are good at bargaining, you should get great deals here.
- Bring an umbrella! It rains every single day when I was there and the weather is hard to expect.
- Try their Vietnamese Coffee. I seriously had the best Vietnamese Coffee while I was there. Ask for less ice though because they tend to put a crap load of ice in everything.
 photo 8395F9C9-971E-4D8D-91B5-BAECFF5BE4C3.jpg photo 5E6FEA76-7393-4CD3-AA70-4985BAED027E.jpg photo 74D091AE-E4FA-481E-BB3B-C2A595E2B56E.jpg
 photo 93EA5B02-4D4E-41FF-B104-887D126485A2.jpg
Probably my favorite coffee place I visited here.
 photo 92697D2C-62F8-4DD2-A20C-CDC610156D86.jpg
 photo 4F33C1A2-A79B-42BD-841B-A58F9F3192E9.jpg
Pulled pork with spinach, pumpkin hash with an egg on top. Delish.

 photo 6700296E-2B2F-462C-A6B6-36C3E133BCCF.jpg photo 25EAD658-BB92-4120-A219-765A21848C68.jpg photo 6ED5061A-1495-4452-BA9F-3794A6D0C23D.jpg
 photo E9313EFC-3C64-417F-9A51-A6A1BEA0B549.jpg
La Rotonde Cafeteria. Another cool coffee shop I visited on my last day in Saigon.
 photo 49BB52FD-CF72-4CE6-94AB-D17EB04D4347.jpg
hands down the best ca phe sua da yet.
 photo C972CD5A-DEBC-4D29-AA42-5A418ABB5575.jpg photo 9347EF0B-A058-4BE3-A370-4E6CBBE2E094.jpg photo 09A263CA-1C12-43E5-92B0-E6DB2C1A8960.jpg photo 10113560-F218-4D7B-9ED3-5B6D17E0FDE6.jpg photo 78A478CA-F2D6-4E8C-BDC2-5B223DAE0322.jpg photo C48BB2A7-D180-435A-BC97-11FBDF9B23B0.jpg photo D4BE6EFF-9E87-4827-8FC6-FB52571DD8F0.jpg photo 8234A119-EFA1-4D4A-B951-8FF9A31BC986.jpg photo E52498AF-49A9-4E12-A1FF-57D53AB19616.jpg photo 80986B4B-50B2-4962-8CB3-CC4B02AC54A4.jpg

 photo EC094F0F-C478-47F4-BE76-D7258C2D7ADD.jpg
a cool alley on Nguyen Hue street.
 photo 605F888B-5211-4F41-8F8B-7E905A495BA6.jpg
Visited Ben Thanh night market- I found some fun stone necklaces that I love there. (Of course you have to bargain for them)
 photo 33092755-D48B-4361-9883-7B4DF9FB120A.jpg
See you on the next travel journal.


Travel Journal: Reunion in the Windy City.

the last time Nicholas and I hung out was last summer in the Bay when he surprised me and I literally pushed someone to run over and hug him. One of the the things in our bucket lists was to hang out in Chicago together and after some months of text messaging back and forth, we finally made it happen. We spent the day walking down town taking touristy pictures, and Nick took me to Wicker Park, promising that " You will love it". Yes I indeed loved the neighborhood. Lots of cool little shops and thrift stores. Me and Nick stopped at this cool restaurant to get beer ( our tradition now) and caught up about life.
The day became dawn and we had to say goodbye. Double hugs to my California friend. Hopefully the next time I see him will be a little earlier than next summer.
 photo F4D868EC-2E2B-43A7-9571-076FF2F86D04.jpg
 photo 1CFD4311-658D-41F0-ABA1-1BB690AED839.jpg photo 7AF71433-D279-4799-9D7B-CF7C44BF3FE9.jpg
 photo 7C28495E-DD88-465B-8CB3-C3CEB368541A.jpg  photo FCE67F19-9BF2-4BD3-AB10-E5F5A56CC48F.jpg photo E2AFCF43-3A28-402C-BA7E-4D5DFEF7B963.jpg photo AA2B74E0-5CC5-4927-8531-E2C8755C524E.jpg
 photo F1DDDE77-6593-42EE-89B9-A89C67080C51.jpg
 photo 7C3AC60F-4846-47AD-9035-EEF895F6F4E0.jpg photo F2BDA4A3-BD96-4FA0-BFB9-18C3648EAB7B.jpg photo 9A294AF4-1C8F-4D98-B738-7EA3ABEEECF6.jpg