Summer Adventure: Vol 2 - Zurich

After 2 days in Amsterdam (which was way too short for me), we decided to visit Zurich. To be honest I was not too excited to come Switzerland, especially after all the traveling I was doing at the time. I was worried that I would be burnt out and end up not being able to enjoy what Switzerland had to offer. Also, coming to a new country without any prior knowledge or research seemed to be to risky at the time.

Well, it rained the whole two days when I was in Zurich, literally pouring rain, which was a total bummer. When we did manage to go out when the rain recharged and explore the Old Town, and I fell in love with all the lovely architecture and how quiet and calm the town was. The rain actually made the trip pretty relaxing. As we did not have the ideal weather to go out and explore, we took shelter in different coffee shops and bakeries, chocolate stores and so on. I managed to bring home a suitcase full of chocolate, and don't let me started on how embarrassing it was when security at the airport decided to check my carry on luggage - literally - full - of - chocolate.

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Summer Adventure: Vol 1 - Amsterdam.

In the spirit of fun employment and post grad school, I decided to try investing some more time into this long lost blog. Remember when I used to blog all time and hoping to make something out of it. It is too late for that? Or the vlogs have taken away the beauty of blogging?

Anyways,  I thought what is a better way to refresh this blog by recapping what have happened to me the last 2-3 months or so? I started this summer by graduating from grad school, and took a bunch of summer trips, and I would like to first share about my favorite destination out of it all - Amsterdam!

Amsterdam, oh Amsterdam! What can I say about Amsterdam, other than it was such a dreamy town. I managed to book an Airbnb by the canals very last minute, and the location of the place just made the whole Amsterdam experience so much better. I loved walking up, walking downstairs and seeing the little boats floating by right in front of me, strolled down the streets along the canals to have breakfast at a local brunch place right by the water, getting lost in all the old, pretty, romantic streets of Amsterdam.
Darling I'll grow weary, happy still With just the memory of your face.

Flowers were everywhere and I was such a happy camper!
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uploadBack in Brooklyn now and still feeling strangely homesick. Home is really about the people. Hopefully one day I can really call Bklyn home.UntitledUntitledfrom my last morning from the @airbnb in Amsterdam.@airbnb cat that bit me twice.My Amsterdam experience wouldn't be the same if I didn't find this stunning @airbnb right next to the canals. Everytime I got home the owner of the house would sit next to the entrance doing his crossword or reading the papers. Until next time, Holland.
I absolutely adored the airbnb I stayed at, minus the house cat that bit me twice. 
The breakfast I had by the canals at Siegel 404 was nothing but perfection. 
Apparently beer and apple pie together are a thing there, and I did not mind that at all. In fact, it was the best slice of apple pie I have ever had.

Amsterdam Flower Market was one of the highlights of the trip. It was beyond dreamy.
UntitledAmsterdam 😍
UntitledI can't wait to come back to Amsterdam one day, maybe next time I will have a picnic by the canals, and rent myself a bike to really live like a local.


On the night I turned 24, I was trying to make my way home when this song came on and made me burst into tears and just cried out loud on the street.


Love is strange.

Here I am a couple days before turning 24. For some reasons, I always thought 24 should be the best of year of my life. There is something about the number 24 that is hard to describe, that is magical. And I am pretty excited for the new year that is coming so soon.

But one thing, I wish I knew the full meaning of the word "Love" before I turn 24. Because here I am sitting and try to describe how I feel, or have been feeling lately, about Love or Relationship, and I still feel lost of words, or too young, too naive to fully describe it. I guess Love is something that I will not be able to comprehend before I turn 24, and I shall spend the rest of my life to find the meaning of it.

I like to listen to song lyrics and try to relate that to my self. This song in particular really describes almost accurately how I have been feeling about where I am with the whole concept of Love in the last 9 months.



Lately I have been waking up to memories of all the adventures that I earlier this year. From midnight flight down south to Puerto Rico, hop on a little jet to a small island, little tent next to the ocean, wander around an exotic small town, coconut ice cream.
Also the magical little place called Old San Juan with all the colorful houses, late night sitting at a local bar, a walk by the ocean. 
A spontaneous drive to Upstate New York just for a hike in the snow. 
Those fractions of memory just come and go and seem to good to be true. 
The last couple months taught me much about joy, pain, heartbreak, regret, honesty and vulnerability. I cried much, but also laughed often. 
As spring is coming around NYC yet again, I am thankful and excited for all the little adventures to come.

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