Music Monday: Bird Courage.

There has been construction going on over my head the last 2 days or so ( thanks to my great neighbor). I find myself trying to escape from all the loud ( very LOUD) noises by putting on some calming tunes like this.
Apartment hunt for the season. Finding an apartment virtually is probably the most ridiculous and yet nerve wrecking things I could ever do.
20 days till I call Brooklyn home now.


Travel Journal: Saigon.

My next destination for my travel journal this summer is Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I haven't visited the place for quite a long time so it was super exciting to be here again. The trip was composed mostly of time browsing in different shops looking for good clothing deals ( indeed they have great deals), exploring cool coffee shops and enjoying great foods.
Some tips if you ever come around Ho Chi Minh City:
- Saigon Square in District 1 is my absolute favorite place to shop when I am in town. They have pretty much everything you look for and it is hard to not feel lost navigating yourself through the place. You have to bargain for everything though, and the shop owners tend to rib you off if you are a foreigner, but if you are good at bargaining, you should get great deals here.
- Bring an umbrella! It rains every single day when I was there and the weather is hard to expect.
- Try their Vietnamese Coffee. I seriously had the best Vietnamese Coffee while I was there. Ask for less ice though because they tend to put a crap load of ice in everything.
 photo 8395F9C9-971E-4D8D-91B5-BAECFF5BE4C3.jpg photo 5E6FEA76-7393-4CD3-AA70-4985BAED027E.jpg photo 74D091AE-E4FA-481E-BB3B-C2A595E2B56E.jpg
 photo 93EA5B02-4D4E-41FF-B104-887D126485A2.jpg
Probably my favorite coffee place I visited here.
 photo 92697D2C-62F8-4DD2-A20C-CDC610156D86.jpg
 photo 4F33C1A2-A79B-42BD-841B-A58F9F3192E9.jpg
Pulled pork with spinach, pumpkin hash with an egg on top. Delish.

 photo 6700296E-2B2F-462C-A6B6-36C3E133BCCF.jpg photo 25EAD658-BB92-4120-A219-765A21848C68.jpg photo 6ED5061A-1495-4452-BA9F-3794A6D0C23D.jpg
 photo E9313EFC-3C64-417F-9A51-A6A1BEA0B549.jpg
La Rotonde Cafeteria. Another cool coffee shop I visited on my last day in Saigon.
 photo 49BB52FD-CF72-4CE6-94AB-D17EB04D4347.jpg
hands down the best ca phe sua da yet.
 photo C972CD5A-DEBC-4D29-AA42-5A418ABB5575.jpg photo 9347EF0B-A058-4BE3-A370-4E6CBBE2E094.jpg photo 09A263CA-1C12-43E5-92B0-E6DB2C1A8960.jpg photo 10113560-F218-4D7B-9ED3-5B6D17E0FDE6.jpg photo 78A478CA-F2D6-4E8C-BDC2-5B223DAE0322.jpg photo C48BB2A7-D180-435A-BC97-11FBDF9B23B0.jpg photo D4BE6EFF-9E87-4827-8FC6-FB52571DD8F0.jpg photo 8234A119-EFA1-4D4A-B951-8FF9A31BC986.jpg photo E52498AF-49A9-4E12-A1FF-57D53AB19616.jpg photo 80986B4B-50B2-4962-8CB3-CC4B02AC54A4.jpg

 photo EC094F0F-C478-47F4-BE76-D7258C2D7ADD.jpg
a cool alley on Nguyen Hue street.
 photo 605F888B-5211-4F41-8F8B-7E905A495BA6.jpg
Visited Ben Thanh night market- I found some fun stone necklaces that I love there. (Of course you have to bargain for them)
 photo 33092755-D48B-4361-9883-7B4DF9FB120A.jpg
See you on the next travel journal.


Travel Journal: Reunion in the Windy City.

the last time Nicholas and I hung out was last summer in the Bay when he surprised me and I literally pushed someone to run over and hug him. One of the the things in our bucket lists was to hang out in Chicago together and after some months of text messaging back and forth, we finally made it happen. We spent the day walking down town taking touristy pictures, and Nick took me to Wicker Park, promising that " You will love it". Yes I indeed loved the neighborhood. Lots of cool little shops and thrift stores. Me and Nick stopped at this cool restaurant to get beer ( our tradition now) and caught up about life.
The day became dawn and we had to say goodbye. Double hugs to my California friend. Hopefully the next time I see him will be a little earlier than next summer.
 photo F4D868EC-2E2B-43A7-9571-076FF2F86D04.jpg
 photo 1CFD4311-658D-41F0-ABA1-1BB690AED839.jpg photo 7AF71433-D279-4799-9D7B-CF7C44BF3FE9.jpg
 photo 7C28495E-DD88-465B-8CB3-C3CEB368541A.jpg  photo FCE67F19-9BF2-4BD3-AB10-E5F5A56CC48F.jpg photo E2AFCF43-3A28-402C-BA7E-4D5DFEF7B963.jpg photo AA2B74E0-5CC5-4927-8531-E2C8755C524E.jpg
 photo F1DDDE77-6593-42EE-89B9-A89C67080C51.jpg
 photo 7C3AC60F-4846-47AD-9035-EEF895F6F4E0.jpg photo F2BDA4A3-BD96-4FA0-BFB9-18C3648EAB7B.jpg photo 9A294AF4-1C8F-4D98-B738-7EA3ABEEECF6.jpg


Travel Journal: Red Rocks.

The last couple days in Denver were spent exploring Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Highlands Neighborhood. Something amazing about Red Rocks is not only the magnificent views or the history but also how people used the space, landscape and stairs there to work out. I had a hard time climbing through those stairs because of the elevation, can't really imagine how it would be like to run or work out there.
 photo image-5.jpg photo image-4.jpg photo image-2.jpg photo image-1.jpg photo image.jpg
Highlands is a cool neighborhood in Denver that has some cool little boutiques, independent bookstore and shops. I would totally recommend anyone to visit it if you have a chance to come around.
 photo image-8.jpg photo image-7.jpg photo image-6.jpg


Travel Journal: Aimless Wanderer.

Mountains. One after another. And tall, endless pine trees. I could just stand there and breath in and out that scene. The next couple days in Colorado consists of driving back to Denver, visited Boulder and Vail. The drive to Vail was just seriously breath-taking. What's better than snow in the middle of June? We walked around the strange place aimlessly, as after while all the hills, mountains, trees, clouds and sky became one whole, united, beautiful circle.
 photo CEE83C14-F0F2-4432-9F16-E70E23F6F050.jpg photo 1D247EE9-FCB5-4D02-9A40-248EB94DDE23.jpg photo 510FA632-5367-475D-B92A-D20B15A592E6.jpg photo C212A2A3-3185-4F0B-A2AD-9381FDB92C8F.jpg photo 2985A80F-B4D1-45B8-B832-8108781886C5.jpg photo E245E6D0-FCAC-43DE-B609-00E430CC827C.jpg photo BCCE4596-DC23-4C0E-9CAE-E1113C445526.jpg photo 5A51FEDB-3438-4F0C-A6CC-917DE791F57E.jpg photo 102F9CB2-DF0D-4926-A3D4-0C2701129022.jpg photo ECF50B83-498E-46B8-9345-77AA79E6C089.jpg photo 9C6E5F50-75AE-4CB1-80AF-CAB020CA1384.jpg photo D91B97B6-98E9-48A5-8CD9-93606FEB9C80.jpg