On the night I turned 24, I was trying to make my way home when this song came on and made me burst into tears and just cried out loud on the street.


Love is strange.

Here I am a couple days before turning 24. For some reasons, I always thought 24 should be the best of year of my life. There is something about the number 24 that is hard to describe, that is magical. And I am pretty excited for the new year that is coming so soon.

But one thing, I wish I knew the full meaning of the word "Love" before I turn 24. Because here I am sitting and try to describe how I feel, or have been feeling lately, about Love or Relationship, and I still feel lost of words, or too young, too naive to fully describe it. I guess Love is something that I will not be able to comprehend before I turn 24, and I shall spend the rest of my life to find the meaning of it.

I like to listen to song lyrics and try to relate that to my self. This song in particular really describes almost accurately how I have been feeling about where I am with the whole concept of Love in the last 9 months.



Lately I have been waking up to memories of all the adventures that I earlier this year. From midnight flight down south to Puerto Rico, hop on a little jet to a small island, little tent next to the ocean, wander around an exotic small town, coconut ice cream.
Also the magical little place called Old San Juan with all the colorful houses, late night sitting at a local bar, a walk by the ocean. 
A spontaneous drive to Upstate New York just for a hike in the snow. 
Those fractions of memory just come and go and seem to good to be true. 
The last couple months taught me much about joy, pain, heartbreak, regret, honesty and vulnerability. I cried much, but also laughed often. 
As spring is coming around NYC yet again, I am thankful and excited for all the little adventures to come.

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weird season.

Yesterday as I was sitting on my bed with JS, I told him how this has been a strange season of transition. I have never felt so much uneasiness, uncertainty and isolation; and for a person who loves being alone, that is strange. I have internalized a lot of... stuff in the last couple months, and now I am trying step by step to decompress it all out. It has been quite challenging and emotional for me, but I also learned a lot about myself as a person.
The last month alone has been quite an adventure ( which I will blog about soon), and at the end of it, I am thankful. I know I am loved and cared for, by God and others, even it does not feel like it sometimes.


wrapping up winter & prepping for spring.

Being in Vietnam wearing a tank top in 60 degree weather makes me feel somewhat thankful that I am not in the East Coast trying to survive through the winter. This tropical spirit also put me in the mood to shop for some easy breezy clothes to prepare for the spring that is (hopefully) coming. I took advantage of the current sale (still) happening at my favorite stores to shop for some good layering pieces. Super stoked to come back to Brooklyn and have these waiting for me at home.



Have been listening to Beirut's new album ever since it came out and still loving it so much - really never fails to put me in a good mood.

I could see myself laying on the sands listening to this till the sun goes down (hint :). Check out the whole album if you feel tired of the winter and need some vacation mood in your life.


Travel Journal: Tokyo, JP.

If you remember from my last blog post, I mentioned I had quite a jam-packed travel plan back to Vietnam. Well, right after I had (somewhat of) a vacation with my family in Da Nang, the next day we were en route to Tokyo. Not sure if I have shared but Tokyo is on the top of my must-visit cities (even though I have been here before when I was younger). Sure enough, the city did not disappoint me.
My impression of Tokyo could be summarized in one word: busy. There are literally people every where - and that is from a girl who lives in New York city. After landing in Narita and taking a long train ride into Tokyo, we had to do a train transfer in Shimbashi Sta., and never in my life that I ever saw so many people walking so fast but orderly in so many directions like that. I also never experienced being so stuffed ( in its literal meaning) in a train like that rush hour ride I took that morning.
But after that initial shock, the rest of the Tokyo trip was an adventure. I enjoyed walking around the busy streets of Shinjuku and Harajuku, doing a lot of shopping, visited some cool temples, trying to order food on the machines at the restaurants (and the results were always delicious), being part of the crowd at Shinbuya Crossing, visited a beautiful Japanese Tea garden.
I wish that I could stay longer to experience more of the Japan, and of course, eat more food. Not sure if 5 short days in Japan can make me an Tokyo expert, but if there is one recommendation I could make, it must be this one Tonkatsu place (FUKUYOSHI in Harajuku) that we, by the grace of God, stumbled upon during our afternoon stroll in Harajuku. We came in tried to order in English, and the sweet chef and his wife delivered us some of the best tonkatsu I have ever had in my life. It was probably the most authentic Japanese lunching experience I had while I was there - as watching the chef preparing the tonkatsu in front of me was very entertaining. I guess you would have to see for yourself.

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My meal at Fukuyoshi in Harajuku
Simply the best green tea ice cream I have ever had. 

Being an introvert + Tokyo = no bueno. Fun to visit though.UntitledUntitledupload
Shinbuya Crossing