in the igloo.

These days I find myself walking back home from work thinking about a different life.
The life when I wake up quietly spending time with myself. I see me rolling inside my white messy blanket, looking at the shear of light coming through the window. getting tired of feeling my feet deep in that ocean of fabrics, eventually I will gather up, make a cup of coffee, smell to the depth of it. Then in the quietness of it all, I will wait and wait for life to happen.
A life that is full of commuters running and running. A life that I get lost finding my way around to get back to the only place I feel familiar and call home. A life that is new, exciting, yet somewhat scary and strange.
I am patiently waiting for a new life to come, each and everyday will be a new soundtrack.


Hello again from New York.

Hi friends. 

Just writing this blog post from a coffee shop somewhere in New York. I arrived to DC a couple days ago and have been spending some very quality time catching up with my friends here in the East Coast. We spent time exploring restaurants, making dinner and went on and on about life. Phil took me to visit Old Town Alexandria, where they had this super cute looking neighborhood with little shops to explore. The best food place that I visited during my time in DC probably was Good Stuff Eatery, where I have probably one of the best burgers. Also we spent one night when it was snowing the whole day to cook dinner, when to visit a Korean bakery, and also tried this delicious Peanut Butter Beer called Sweet Baby Jesus. 
the weekend started out right with stuffed French Toast from my favorite brunch late in Omaha called Lisa Radial's Cafe.

visited an ice cream place where I got some peanut butter chocolate pretzel ice cream.

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This ice cream we pumped into called Killer ESP where I got some yummy cappuccino

Delicious dinner served by our dear friends.
Me and Phil took a bus back to New York and the next day he took me to tour around Brooklyn ( one of my favorite place in the city). We spent sometimes walking around where it potentially could be my home one day, got my favorite coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee on Berry Street ( the New Orleans ice coffee was the bomb), visit the Transit Museum too where they had all the subway trains from way back in the past.  

Got my mushroom burger at Shake Shack

The last two days New York city was looking gloomy with rain and lower 50F weather. I spent sometimes walking around exploring Chelsea Market. There are so many cool restaurants there and I absolutely loved the atmosphere  of the place ( if you are a foodie definitely check it out). The rain held me in a coffee shop for the rest of the afternoon. today I spent time downtown visiting Hell Kitchen's Flea Market. The Flea Market opens during the weekends year round at W 39th Street and 9th Avenue if you ever want to check it out. 

I had a delightful trip once again in the Big Apple. Hopefully the next time I come back here won't be too long, and I get to stay a little longer. There are just too much to see and explore.
Until next time.