Summer Adventure: Vol 2 - Zurich

After 2 days in Amsterdam (which was way too short for me), we decided to visit Zurich. To be honest I was not too excited to come Switzerland, especially after all the traveling I was doing at the time. I was worried that I would be burnt out and end up not being able to enjoy what Switzerland had to offer. Also, coming to a new country without any prior knowledge or research seemed to be to risky at the time.

Well, it rained the whole two days when I was in Zurich, literally pouring rain, which was a total bummer. When we did manage to go out when the rain recharged and explore the Old Town, and I fell in love with all the lovely architecture and how quiet and calm the town was. The rain actually made the trip pretty relaxing. As we did not have the ideal weather to go out and explore, we took shelter in different coffee shops and bakeries, chocolate stores and so on. I managed to bring home a suitcase full of chocolate, and don't let me started on how embarrassing it was when security at the airport decided to check my carry on luggage - literally - full - of - chocolate.

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